Biological Sex: Is a Disputed Term?

Biological sex is a DISPUTED TERM?!?!?!? Natural procreation is being disputed? Folks, the end is near. This world is bad enough as it is right now. I fear for what will become of this world in the coming generations. There might be folks that identify as the opposite sex. I feel sorry for them, and don’t understand why this happens. If they want to change their bodies, to look like the opposite sex, then that is their prerogative. If it makes them happy, so be it. But to try to force on the rest of us, that biological sex isn’t a real thing, is insanity. Or, am I just crazy? Let’s look at plants. They don’t have a brain. They are just plants, whether they like it, or not. The male produces pollen. The female is pollenated, and produces seeds, which in time, germinate, and bring forth new plants…offspring. This cannot be dispelled. It’s the same for Animalia, unless you get into cloning…etc, which aren’t natural processes. For these things, scientists and laboratories or needed. Please stop the madness.

It’s The Lenny And Lammy Racist Sanctimony Show! — Writer Goes Roaming

So – just as we go into lock-down again, therefore condemning most of us to a lonely, impoverished Christmas, while businesses which depend on income from the Christmas season go bust, Britain’s most nauseating, racist MP, and Lenny Henry – a man who, for calling himself a comedian, should be prosecuted under the Trades Descriptions […]

It’s The Lenny And Lammy Racist Sanctimony Show! — Writer Goes Roaming


Today I was sent a video by a Facebook friend of mine, “Julie Jane”, which featured a red-neck moron, who is whining that his business is failing, and prefers to kill millions of Americans, rather than be monetarily disrupted.

Being a patriot, doesn’t entail purposefully killing your fellow countrymen, for the sake of a buck. It involves a shared effort, against a mutual threat, which has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, in a matter of months.

If this virus – most likely, a bio weapon developed in China – is not starved of hosts, to infect, it is estimated that 80% of the population will catch it. That means that medical, hygiene, water, law enforcement, the military, and other agencies will stop functioning – along with every business in the country.

Our military is already infected – the Navy is infected with the virus being introduced to our warships. Now we have a fleet of “Sick Ships”, which are the supply chain to our armed forces, worldwide. Not to mention, the carriers of our warriors; our Marines, our Army, and our warplanes.

The Chinese doctor who posted a harrowing video of the effects of un-checked Covid-19 – and was “disappeared” for doing so – demonstrated that people who have come into contact with the disease, can spread it to others for an average of 14 days, before showing symptoms – although there have been cases where this was as long as 27 days.

She said that, on average, each symptomless carrier infects 14 people per day – who each infect 14 people each day, who each infect 14 people per day.
Let’s do the math:
• During those 14 days, before showing symptoms, the carrier infects 196 people.
• Those 196 people each infect 14 people per day, for 14 days:
o That’s 38,416 people.
• Each of those 38,416 people infects 14 people per day for 14 days:
o That’s 7,529,536 people infected.
• Each of them infects 14 people for 14 days.
o That’s 1,475,789,056 people infected, and the end of civilization as we know it.

So, if you are in a hurry to get back to normal, just go ahead, and when the population of America is reduced to about 50 million, instead of the 300 million we have now, the Chinese will be more than happy to step in, buy up American businesses, for peanuts, and staff them directly from China.
Better start brushing up on your Mandarin, so you can follow orders when you are cleaning their toilets!

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Are you a patriot from Britain, Hong Kong, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or South Africa? Is your country still under the heel of the 4th Reich – and do you want freedom? Do you want to see Globalism consigned to the cess-pits of history? If so, this is the channel for you! Our debut is on Brexit Day – but from then on, every Sunday we will be making a new video, and we want to invite you to take part. Do you have any particular topic you’d like us to discuss? Do you want to have your say on it and join in ripping the Globalists a new one? Can you join us on Skype, either video or audio? Or would you like to message us with suggestions? Be our guest. Britain is now open – and so is our channel!
Mandy Baldwin & Steven Hoskins, the creators of FaceBook’s “Anglosphere for Brexit”, and WordPress Blog Sites; “Writer Goes Roaming”, and “Public Outrage” announce their new YouTube channel “Partners in Patriotism”.


Earlier this week I posted a piece called “An Open Letter To Britain, from an American in Angst”.

Out of 6000+ compliments over this piece, one SNP member, terrified to give his name because he is sitting in the gloom of a dark autumn morning in his mother’s spare bedroom, decided to take issue with it.

The puir wee laddie – timorous wee beastie that he is – obviously has other ‘issues’ too, which make it imperative that Boris stays in office to devote more money to mental health spending on the NHS.

But let’s take his objections one by one.

“Faux-White.” No, I am GENUINELY white. And so is the little sporran-scratcher who furiously wrote this comment. Sick indeed, to be a racist – even sicker to be racist against himself.

“Nationalist.” I am certainly “nationalist” – I believe in the democratic nation state. And again, his mental health issues are showing – because he belongs to the Scottish NATIONALIST Party – while claiming to hate Nationalism. You see his general level of confusion, here?

Problems in my own country? Every country has problems. We all work toward fixing them. The worst problem a country can face is the destruction of democracy, which is what this sicko demands.

“Neo-imperialist?” But what is he saying here? I spoke of the links of blood, love, language and culture between nations. He supports an EMPIRE – the EU EMPIRE which is supported by all Remoaners. They LOVE empires – just watch Verhofstadt in action.

“Noble ideals?” Does he mean it is NOBLE to fulfil Hitler’s Wet Dream?

Check out the found of the EU, Nazi lawyer Walter Hallstein – the man who was the first president, and wrote laws which they still follow. Hallstein helped draft the Nuremberg Laws – the laws that sent millions to the gas chambers.

Here he is demanding that these laws be enforced throughout occupied Europe.

This is what ALL REMOANERS support. Remoaners are Nazis – they just dropped the Hugo Boss uniforms this time so they could blend it better and fool people more easily.

“Twisted shithole”? I am concerned that a fat little “man” in a dirty kilt is sitting somewhere in the dark, thinking about my asshole and calling me a ‘cunt’. His tastes are not mine. Sorry, Jock – not into that.

“Eat a duck and choke”? So he’s into animal cruelty AND wishes death on anyone who he disagrees with? Childish and sick.

Yes folks – CHILDISH AND SICK sums up what we are up against.

History always repeats itself and here we are again, Britain as the last bastion of freedom, under attack, on a knife-edge, and America stands with her shoulder to shoulder.

And we will win.

I won’t say out loud that then we’ll be coming for every flabby little Remoaner like him, tapping away one handed, but it’s something for him to think about. If he ever leaves Mommy’s house, that is.

The Great Silencing

via The Great Silencing

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What is it with Twitter? As a forum for public speech – which it purports to be – it’s inadequate, when you think about it. Anyone worth their salt gets suspended eventually and staff have been covertly filmed gleefully discussing their tactics for crushing dissent, or wrongthink, which, along with Hate Speech, must stand as a concept scary enough to have the ghost of George Orwell saying “told you so.”

I have a personal axe to grind here, because I have now been ‘permanently suspended’ for the third time: most recently for publishing an article entitled A Class Act, which had Momentum fascists out in hysterical force.

Previous ‘offences’ included responding to an American who believed she was ‘resistance’ with pictures of French Maquis women being hanged by Gestapo, and Gulag prisoners being beaten. I make no apology for this: it’s time doughnut-munching fantasists learned the difference between ‘whining because they didn’t get their own way’ and ‘opposing the might of a monstrous tyranny’.

The banning before that occurred as a result of the humour bypass suffered by the Twitterati, when a group of fellow free-thinkers declared our sexual identities for that particular day, and I just happened to have chosen to identify as a pork chop between the hours of 7am and 2.30pm, which received much support from a group of sistahs who declared they would don ‘fanny hats’ as a gesture of solidarity. The hashtag ‘fannies out for the pork’ was rather popular with we naughty rebels, but caused wailing and gnashing of teeth among some who evidently hate pork or fannies or both.

It used to be that, when suspended, a profile showed as such, but now – like the widdly-knickered playground cry-baby trying to stir up trouble between the more popular kids before running away to hide in the toilets – the Twitter Shut-ins show individual followers as having been ‘blocked’ by the suspended account.

I believe there is a reason for the fear of dissent suffered by the IT Crowd, which goes beyond the desire for political supremacy and is both simple and tragic: too many of them have never actually had a social life in the true sense of either meeting people and engaging face-to-face, or being truly alone (in which case, they would come face to face with themselves.)

These are of a generation who, from the start, have communicated via apps, and for whom everyone – including themselves – is an avatar. They are not prepared for beings who don’t respond to the click of a key and they are outraged and terrified by any living creature which they can’t control.

They are, in short, social and emotional inadequates whose natural habitat is their Mum’s back bedroom, but who, like pallid pod-people in some fictional dystopia, have been given power far beyond their capabilities. For the time being, the freaks have inherited the Earth.

Thanks to those who have all the symptoms of what is recognised as personality disorder, people are actually being tried and imprisoned for speaking. Not rioting, or arson, just for saying things which a variety of saddos disagree with.

Just wrap your head around this, and – if you are over 45 and remember what it is we found most repulsive about the Communist regimes – reflect that in many respects that is what we are nearing now: too many fully accept that ‘someone’ should monitor the expression of ideas.

This fear of being punished for simply being who we are, has devastating results: after the collapse of Communism, the Czechs, for example, were widely found to register on psychological tests as being clinically paranoid.

Writers have always been the bête noir of oppressors. The first president of free Czechoslovakia, playwright Vaclav Havel, had been forbidden to write, and forced to work as a municipal gardener. Writers from Solzhenitsyn to Voltaire have suffered persecution for spreading ideas. Ideas, as Stalin admitted, are more dangerous than bullets. But we are all writers now: each time you post a Tweet which offends the Shut-ins, you join that proud company who have ensured what rights we have remaining. And we scare the hell out of those who prefer the Silence.

There is no debate over this: free is free, without qualification. Not ‘free as long as you approve.’ Too many quietly acquiesce with the Silence because of the pay-off when they happen to disagree with the ideas which are suppressed. You may not, for example, like Britain First, but that is irrelevant: on principle, you should defend their right to say what they like, where and when they like.

In Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie wrote that, each time a child denied belief in fairies, a fairy dies. Well, each time you collude in the Silence, you murder your own right to expression.

The crushing of free-speech is now so frenzied that it is destroying those who would previously have been Left Wing darlings. I just watched a documentary on the worst jobs in history, starring Tony Robinson, who is possibly the very definition of a ‘90s-style Left Wing Luvvie: he would now be pilloried for his open declaration of revulsion at the idea of dressing in drag.

All tyrannies manage to convince some that their tyranny is justified, and this particular bunch firmly believe they hold the moral high-ground. But the gold-standard of Human Rights is that there are as many opinions as there are people, and all must – not should, but must – be allowed to speak their truth.

The Shut-ins don’t study history in any meaningful sense – that would involve images which would make them swoon – but if they did, they might consider how closely they resemble the Puritans of the 17th century in their attempt at absolute social and spiritual control. These misery-merchants were swept away by the ‘pretty, witty King whose word no man relies on’ with his entourage of expensive mistresses and his dubious religious affiliations, in a glorious Restoration swiftly followed by an outbreak of licentiousness, exposed cleavages and outrageous wigs – anything, just anything, rather than the draconian joylessness of the previous regime.

Article Nineteen of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

As with every one of the Thirty Articles, those who offend against it are recognised as guilty of a Crime Against Humanity – no matter how many new ‘offences’ they concoct to legitimise their own criminality.

All offenders are caught and punished eventually, so my question is, how long do the Social Media Shut-ins think they can get away with their attempted Silence, bearing in mind that each suspended account will stand as an indictment at their inevitable prosecution?


America’s Stance on Brexit

As an American, I’ve always been fascinated by Great Britain. I admire and adore the splendor of her culture, her history, and her people. A son of the empire, my family came to “British-America” (the American colonies) nearly 400 years ago. Still, I’ve always felt Britannia was a part of me, and as if, I were a part of her…as if, we belonged to one another, and were bound to each other, by the un-seeable threads of history and blood.

I can boldly state, a great many of us feel this way, and it goes far beyond those of us with British and ancestry. Americans simply love the United Kingdom, and the British people. It’s a simple fact.

Though, this sense of connection, and fondness, doesn’t come without consequence. It brings about a raging fury, when we see and hear, the lies and the treachery, of the tyrannical European Union, and their unending list of quisling accomplices; Blair, Cameron, May and Corbyn, along with the rest of their traitorous henchmen, whom have infiltrated, undermined, and betrayed the democracy and very sovereignty of our greatest ally, and the motherland for many us.

It is a pivotal moment for the very future of the United Kingdom. The question “Sovereignty: yes or no?” has already been answered. Only “Leave” or “Remain” appeared upon the ballots which were cast, during the largest vote in the entire history of the United Kingdom, and “Leave” won – without any mention of any trade deal with the European Union. Repeat: Brexit was signed into law by the Queen, without an incumbent trade deal mentioned, therein. Though treachery ensued, by undemocratic traitors, using the argument that a “trade deal” was necessary for Brexit to take place, which was really meant to cause a quagmire in the process, and in the end – to covertly thwart Brexit entirely. Outrageous!

We stand with you upon your decision to leave. I expected nothing less from that vote, and to me, nothing less would have been acceptable. Horror and fury well up within us, when we see the vile actions of those infiltrating EU collaborators, who strive to enslave you to the EU.

Tony Blair made sure to remove death penalty, as the punishment for the charge of Treason, while he was in office. That was a well laid plan, to his benefit, as he’d have been among the first to hang.

Freedom isn’t free. We’ve always known that. It must be ripped from the hands of tyrants and despots, at the risk of life and limb, and of late, it has seems that this may be the only option left to secure the freedom and democracy for Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Someone’s always had to pay the price. I’ve come to the sad realization; continual patriotic sacrifice necessary to preserve it, because of the filthy, traitorous fiends that would undo it.

British Patriots, prepare for your final stand. America is with you!

Knights of the AngloSphere

This page is for promoting Brexit, Irexit, and to free the other EU captives, who wish to regain their usurped SOVEREIGNTY. Also, to bring much needed attention to the ongoing atrocities, being committed in South Africa.

It is also to strengthen the bond between the AngloSphere, which is under attack, the world over.

This is not a place for “hate speech”, or for opposing political parties to take swings at one another, or for antiquated feuds, to be kindled.

It is a place for the unification, of likeminded individuals – a place of imperative, mutual bonding, for the purpose of fighting against Globalist domination.

Careful allies must be chosen, in this paramount quest. We are all systematically being destroyed from within, by an influx of “refugees” and “undocumented” illegal immigrants, in order to flip the voting demographics, for the purpose of Globalization.

This absolute evil, will completely annihilate our rich, age old cultures. This isn’t a tin foil hat theory. This is quite obvious to we, who have investigated this worldwide phenomenon, at length.

The Globalistic EU BEAST SYSTEM, which conquers by the PEN, rather than by the SWORD, is an enemy who has been GIVEN GREAT AUTHORITY.

An enemy whose goal is a:




An enemy which intends to annihilate our culture, lore, beliefs, and the the very original demographic people of our sovereign, democratic countries themselves.

Some of us are already in dire jeopardy of being wiped out – in a matter of decades, such as Ireland, Canada, and South Africa.

Time is of the essence.

We must act now!

“The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.”

We all have important choices to make. Among them is, to once and for all, let go of a dark past, and to create a bright, hopeful future. This has already happened in America. Originally we became allies. From these alliances, sprang friendships, and from the friendships, sprang love. True love – I am the product, of two such unions. We belong together.

The Celts and Anglos-Saxons will be forever entwined, by history, and blood kin – and blood is thicker than water. It is now, that all of us must and bond together! We must UNITE to fight this common foe, and realize, we are far stronger together, than we would ever be separately.

We may be in separate countries, but we are a single nation of people – and we are the greatest threat to the Elite Globalists, because we will fight along side one another, and we are among the most powerful nations on this earth. Together, we are invincible!

We will only be given a single chance, if it’s even a chance at all.

May wise alliances, and great luck be with us all, my brothers, sisters and cousins. We’re going to need it!

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!


Over My Dead Body!

Everyone knows, Texas is the most patriotic state in the Union. Out-of-staters tell us that. We fly our flags all year long. The Star Spangled Banner and The Lone Star Flag, side-by-side waving gloriously together. Silently speaking a million words, as they dance together in the wind. Words that don’t have to be spoken, to be heard. Most other states only fly flags a few days a year.

Imagine a place where you were encouraged NOT to fly your flags, because it may be found “offensive” by immigrants. Let that sink in for a moment.

Tomorrow is St. George’s Day in England.

A day to celebrate England, and their Patron Saint, by flying their flag; The Flag of St. George.

Their far left are so insane, they’ve even cancelled some celebrations, because of the overt patriotic, nationalistic theme. That’s like cancelling the 4th of July!

Why? George Soros and his Open Border Society (who funds these immigrant caravans, incessantly hammering our border) and the European Union, which quietly annexes sovereign nation states, redistributes their wealth, and purposefully flips their voting demographics, to gain power.

But that’s another long, depressing story. We all know the evils of Globalization.

For now, I say Happy St. George’s Day, to the English. And if anyone steps on my property, trying to get my flags down, off of my house…may God help them.

Science vs God?

Too many people scratch the surface of science, and come to the conclusion there is no omnipotent deity. Evolution itself is a “theory”, and many scientists agree the Earth isn’t nearly old enough for natural selection alone, to have created such diversity in life forms, even if you factor in sunburst induced mutations. Something else must be out there, driving the process.

When one looks further, into higher sciences, it all screams of God, as a creator to me. If you look at physics, quantum mechanics, how time itself actually works – if you understand quantum entanglement, it is so in your face evident, that we are all within an eternal, self replenishing electromagnetic matrix. “Eternity”.

“As above, so below.”

Even now, as artificial intelligence is being ushered in, our children are in college, learning how to program their own interactive, virtual realities, on computers. How long until mankind itself, is creating a host of intelligent, sentient beings, within these virtual realities? If they cannot see us, nor prove our existence, will they deny us too?

Why is it so inconceivable, to think that something like this, has already been done before? It is not only possible, it is also much more likely – in truth, a probability.

Hip bones in whales and genetic similarities we share with chimpanzees, don’t impress me as an intellectual argument, for an evolution-only scenario.

DNA is a code. Think of it as a program, because that’s exactly what it is. Codes can be altered, and rewritten. We are not apes. We look very similar on the outside, however on the inside we are much more like pigs. There is no missing link. We were hand crafted, as was everything in this universe, “by Him, and through Him.”

“There is nothing new, under the sun.”

We, as humans, experience “now”, when time itself is actually a simultaneous, regenerating past-present-future – a single thing, as opposed to a linear event. This transpires in a universe where, every molecule is connected to every other molecule within it, and empty space holds more measurable energy, than the heart of a star.

Our minds are vessels for this experience of “now”. Why is that? What is consciousness? What is life, and why does it exist in a place that cannot produce RNA…etc? We cannot answer these. We never will. The “magic” RNA carrying asteroid theory is laughable, and requires a billion times more faith, than that of a religious creed.

RNA, the building block of life itself, is not independently produced, by nature and cannot be created, to a usable degree synthetically. So, it wouldn’t have merely been hurtling through the depths of space, on an asteroid, with the perfect trajectory, to land on the perfect planet, with the perfect balancing moon, and which is the perfect distance, from the perfect sun, to be able to sustain life. The odds of this theory, are utterly incalculable, yet faith in something which is much more plausible, and within our own ability, is what is mocked

Consider the moon, being placed in the perfect spot, to assist in accommodating life, by balancing the Earth’s rotation. Its gravitational pull avoids, what would otherwise amount to scorching heat, and arctic cold, at different times of the day, and on a daily basis.

Not everyone understands its importance, but our scientists have yet to find one place in the universe, where life can exist, as we know it, without this perfect balancing ball of iron. Was it placed there purposely, or was that just another incredible stroke of luck?

Think about it.

UK: Call for an Uprising!

The coup d’état of a  TRAITOR RIDDEN British Parliament, happens today, as the Banana Republic that has become the United Kingdom, votes for a vote of confidence to depose Boris Johnson.

The United Kingdom legally left the European Union, on the 29th of March, at eleven pm, as signed into LAW by the Head-of-State, and Commander-in-Chief, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II herself – without the incumbency of any deal whatsoever.

Anything else is a facade, a convenient lie – choreographed by these treasonous charlatans, who vie for more time and power, with which to overthrow the British Government, it’s intelligence and defense agencies, and democracy itself.

The time for petition signing is done. The time for peaceful, well mannered marches, with proud, smiling faces is over. Enough is enough!

Now it is time for an uprising – a BRITISH REVOLUTION, brought about by righteous indignation.

These quislings and traitors, who do not serve the British people, but rather, serve the tyrannical European Union, should be drug out of Parliament, by the very scruffs of their necks, and be thrown into the street and be told, their services are no longer wanted, or needed, and to expect to be arraigned for High Treason, in the near future, once capital punishment is reinstated for that offense.

Nobody is going to do this for you.

So, who will it be, then? The British Yellow-Vests? The Football Lads? The ex-servicemen? The current servicemen, who’s allegiance is to the Queen herself, and not to the European Union? All of the above?

This isn’t just your right, it’s your obligation, to Queen and country, and to future generations!

Freedom is never free, it must be seized, from tyrants and despots.

May all red-blooded patriots step forward! Oliver Cromwell is long gone. Who among you will fill his shoes? Whose names shall be written into history, as the saviors of British Democracy and Sovereignty?

It could be yours. It should be yours.

The time to strike is now!

Do not believe their lie.

Take back what is already yours.

The only thing you’re waiting on, is YOU!

“If only they could somehow, become conscious of their own strength…they needed only to rise up, and shake themselves, like a horse shaking off flies.”

“Until they become conscious, they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled, they cannot become conscious.”

⁃ George Orwell “1984”

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.

⁃John Fitzgerald Kennedy


The Death of Democracy!

The Death of Democracy in Great Britain?

Only the future will tell.

So much treachery and treason going on in the British Parliament, it is unthinkable!

A Subversion of The Will of the People is a Tyranny.

Support our cousins across the pond. I am calling on all Americans to stand with the British people, to oppose this absolute evil, whether or not you are of British ancestry.

An attack on democracy is an attack on us all!

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall!



May God Bless The United Kingdom, and save her and Europe from the tyrannical European Union!

I just had a neighbor stop and ask me why I was flying both flags, as she was walking her dog.

I explained and she thanked me. Her mother is British and her father was a Yank. I quickly plugged UKIP! Her mum has her American citizenship.

She’s expecting updates from her mum, throughout the day, which they are expecting from family across the pond.

Small world, isn’t it? KEEP IT FREE!

“Kill me, I’m Irish”

Kill Me Im Irish.png

As an American of both English & Irish ancestry, I am personally SICKENED by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to continue to allow pro-Sinn Féin banners, bearing Anglophobic slogans on them, as part of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This has gone on since 1948.

  • Sinn Féin and the IRA terrorist organization kill English and Irish, indiscriminately, including women & children, in their attempt to ethnically cleanse Ireland of the British folk, in Northern Ireland.
  •  They also kill Irish & Scots-Irish, who are in disagreement with them, execution-style.
  • Let’s not forget Scots, Welsh, Cornish or Manx – or anyone else, from other parts of the world, who are at the wrong place, at the wrong time, die along with the intended target.
  • Bombs are indiscriminant killers. They can’t decipher between Anglos or Celts. They just blow anyone within range to bits, and maim any survivors for life.

Image result for sinn fein st patrick's day parade

A few other slogans the Sinn Féin’s banner should have said:

“Kill me, I’m Irish!”

“We will kill you, because you aren’t Irish!”

“Obey or die!”

“I am a Marxist scum bucket!”

“I am a Plastic Paddy! I have no idea what I’m doing, or why I’m doing it.”

Perhaps you’d like to see they’re handiwork?:

Image result for ira bomb victims

Image result for ira bomb victims

Image result for ira bomb victims

Image result for ira bomb victims

Related image

Image result for ira bomb victims

Image result for ira bomb victims

Related image

Related image

Related image

Image result for ira bomb victims

 What next – ISIS, Hamas, or the Taliban? Why not, they use the same tactics?

Anyone promoting or supporting Sinn Féin or the IRA are supporting TERRORISM! Bill Clinton had to step in and stop Irish-Americans from funding these groups. I’d hope to think even promoting, them would be illegal.

No other Irish across the world fund these groups – just American idiots. This is terribly disgraceful, and embarrassing, to say the least! We American-Irish supplied 2/3 of their funding, and the rest came from the Middle East – big shock there.

Last week, the IRA started another wave of parcel bombings, and afterwards, some Irish-American Sinn Féin affiliated morons have the audacity to PROMOTE them – on camera – marching in the NYC St. Paddy’s Day Parade?

This is a steel-toed kick in the crotch for our the United Kingdom. British boys die in battle, alongside our own – and THIS is how we pay them back? This is how we treat our greatest ally? Really?

Mayor Bill de Blasio is obviously unfit for public office. As a partially Irish-American, I find his actions unthinkable, unconscionable and inhuman. 

Multiculturalism vs Multiethnic

Some folks hearts certainly seem to be in the right place, but there are those who would use your goodheartedness against you. In fact, it’s my opinion, that they already have.

I want everyone to understand there is an ENORMOUS difference between “multiethnic” and “multicultural”. This is literally like comparing life and death.

Multiethnic – A mixture of different peoples, who live together, and share back and forth, things from the lands of their ancestors, because YES it does make things more interesting. Variety is the spice of life, of course, but these people of different ethnicities, for the most part, are very integrated, love one another, and serve as members of a SINGLE society, and defend it TOGETHER, as brothers and sisters. This is primarily what we enjoy in the United States, even if our liberal Democrats are trying to destroy it, at the very moment of my typing this comment.

Multicultural- Simply put, the very opposite of everything I just described, especially if the cultures being imported are particularly violent, hateful, and unable to cope in a Western Society. I assert that these weren’t simply terribly poor decisions. It’s more than obvious, all these things were done intentionally, by power mad traitors, to purposely destabilize and destroy from within, some of the most beautiful cultures that exist on our tiny planet. The ultimate Trojan Horse, and those who oppose it, are frowned upon, called unsophisticated, xenophobic, or racist. Words which frighten too many good people into silence.

The seeds of civil war were carefully sewn under the guise of progressivism. Treachery on a scale, which has never been seen before in all of history. There’s only one way to deal with traitors. It’s too bad, that “one way” has been made illegal, either by coincidence or convenience.

Speaking of the lands of our ancestors, what exactly would happen if I were to travel to my own? How would things turn out for my wife and children, if we visited London?

Would my wife have her purse snatched by a thief on a moped? Would she have acid thrown in her face? Would my daughters be gang-raped, or have their legs blown off at a Pop concert? Would my son be beheaded, dismembered, and set on fire? Would I bleed out, after sacrificing myself to a knife wielding attacker? Would we all be mowed over by a commercial vehicle, while singing “London Bridge is Falling Down”, because we’re looking directly at it?




Mr. Trump Support the Yellow-Jackets!

Mr. President,

Just about every Western nation on the planet, is rising up in revolt against their global elitist governments. They proudly stand together in high-visibility, day-glow yellow vests. They are fighting the good fight, these “Yellow-Jackets”. True patriotic nationalists, in a world where the very word “nation” is avoided at all cost. Where the word “nationalist” has been replaced by “populist”, so as to erase the very word “nation”.

They chant your name. “We want Trump! We want Trump!” Looking through social media, I have seen tens of thousands of comments, spanning from Australia, America, Canada and every single European nation. They all want us to loan you to them. That is the reward, for your patriotism. You’ve inspired the world, and I’d like to thank you for that. Given the chance, I know they would too.

I think you should address the Yellow-Jackets, with a few kind words of praise and support.

Thank you for what you’ve done for the country, and for the things that you will do for us in the future.

Hold out for that wall!

Texas needs that wall.


January 3, 2019


Instead of setting politics aside and putting the safety of our country first, Democrats in Congress have continued to obstruct. In doing so, they have refused to come together with Republicans to pass commonsense legislation that provides adequate funding to secure America’s borders and prevent a partial government shut down.

As I have said throughout this process, I remain committed to finding an agreemnet that reopens our Government and ensures that our Nation’s borders are safe and secure.

I urge Congress to rejoin me in Washington to immediatly pass appropriations legislation that properly addresses the critical issues affecting our Nation’s security and prosperity.

Thank you for your email.



The Ties That Bind: America & The U.K.

As an American, I’ve always been fascinated by Great Britain. I admire and adore the splendor of her culture, her history, and her people. A son of the empire, my family came to “British-America” (the American colonies) nearly 400 years ago. Still, I’ve always felt Britannia was a part of me, and as if, I were a part of her…as if, we belonged to one another, and were bound to each other, by the unseeable threads of history and blood.

Though, this deep sense of connection, and fondness, doesn’t come without consequence. It brings about a raging fury, when I see and hear, the lies and the treachery, of the tyrannical European Union, Theresa May, and the rest of the Globalist vermin, who have infiltrated, and eroded sovereignty amongst the member states of the E.U.

It is a pivotal moment for the very future of the United Kingdom. The question “Sovereignty: yes or no?” has already been answered. I stand with you upon that decision. I expected nothing less, and to me, nothing less would have been acceptable.

Freedom isn’t free.

Someone’s always had to pay the price for it. I’ve come to the sad realization; continual sacrifice is necessary to preserve it, because of the filthy, traitorous fiends that would undo it.

I cannot attend the Brexit Betrayal March, so I BEG you all, march for me, but more importantly:

March for your country.

March for your children.

March for your future.

March for your sovereignty.

March for your FREEDOM.

March for NO deal.

March for NO 2nd referendum.

Eagles just scream. Lions roar. Let me hear you ROAR! Flood Whitehall. Show them who they really work for, and what you’re made of.

Do not listen to the fear factory!

Do not listen to the MSM!

Take lots of pics and videos, so you can disprove the MSM’s lies about a meager turnout.

The Brexit Betrayal March:

March to be FREE

To be free in March.

Official White House Petition: End U.S. Censorship of Conservatives

Below is a link to an OFFICIAL WHITE HOUSE PETITION, linked DIRECTLY to the U.S. Government’s White House Petition Site. It takes less than 10 seconds to sign.

Please help end Soviet style censorship in America, against conservatives, which has become RAMPANT. The timing is intentional, because many of these conservatives have been de-platformed by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others, conspicuously before the Mid Term Elections.

The United States was founded on the freedom of speech, which we inherited from Great Britain’s “Magna Carta”, written over 800 years ago.

The U.S. Constitution supposedly guarantees all of our constitutional rights stating, they “…shall not be infringed upon.” However, these rights are attacked every day by liberals. We cannot take them for granted. It is the duty of every American, to protect their God given rights.

Please sign this petition, and send it to every American you know!

My Letter to Her Majesty

Your Majesty,

On September 11, 2001 “The Star Spangled Banner” was played outside of Buckingham Palace, upon Madame’s order, and my utter despair was replaced with insurmountable pride. I was overwhelmed by it. I will never forget that moment, as long as I shall live. I never sent my thanks for that beautiful sign of solidarity, so please allow me to offer my thanks for that moment now.

I am writing this letter today, because of my fierce love of the United Kingdom, and the British people. I am fearful for the future of Great Britain, and her people. I see infractions upon the British people’s freedom of speech. I see censorship, both in the British press, and upon British citizens who engage in social media. I see perpetual terroristic attacks, perpetrated on the British, by hate-filled lunatics, all of whom seem to enjoy a curious degree of anonymity.

I see the emergence of an Orwellian police state, which holds the entire populace as political prisoners, whether or not they’ve been cast into a Gulag or not. Many British have been imprisoned for merely observing their right, to the freedom speech, or their personal political views. I see Theresa May’s dictator-like coup, which seems to have enjoyed a good deal of success. I see her invocation of “Henry VIII Powers” in an attempt to diminish or outright usurp Her Majesty’s own powers. This is treason. This is an outrage! Never would I have dreamed that these things could ever happen, in the very birthplace of the Magna Carta. Ma’am, I am absolutely horrified at what I see.

In times of war, Great Britain is our brother, standing shoulder to shoulder, and in times of peace, she is our mother. The British are my literal cousins…my own flesh and blood. Blood is thicker than water, and I cannot, in good conscience, sit idly by, and watch all of these atrocities forced upon my kindred. Enough is enough. I cannot bear it any more.

The European Union has proven itself to be a treacherous, tyrannical, illegitimate governing power, which has usurped the sovereignty of so many nations of Europe, and seemingly that of the United Kingdom. The E.U. is surely sowing the seeds of civil war across the continent, and whether it is by foolishness, or this is being done purposely for its own sinister gain, it must be stopped. I fear that Parliament and the Judiciary have been compromised, by treasonous E.U. puppets, all of whom must be removed from office. I’ve spent the time to educate myself on Madame’s powers. Surely as Sovereign, Head of State, and Commander-in-Chief, Madame has the power to end all this madness.

I implore Madame, from the bottom of my heart, and the very depths of my soul, please save the British people from the evil clutches of the European Union. Please root out the enemies of the state from Parliament, and the Judiciary, all of whom, that do the bidding of the E.U. The British people have spoken and have won the vote for Brexit. Please let that vote stand, and uphold the two year departure date. Please Ma’am, sever ties with the European Union, with the utmost urgency. Please Ma’am, do not let the United Kingdom acquiesce into this mindless oblivion.

From a legal standpoint, as an American, perhaps I cannot claim Madame as my Queen, which saddens me more than words can say. However, in my heart, I always have considered Her as such, and I always will. I can only hope and pray that my letter makes it across Madame’s desk, and that She will give my words consideration. I understand political letters receive no response from The Crown, so sadly, I will never know.

May God Bless Your Majesty, and Her United Kingdom.

An Open Letter To Britain, from an American in Angst

It is for my fierce love of the British people, and the pride of my own ancestry, heritage, and culture, that I am writing this letter to you. There aren’t words in the English language, with which to adequately describe the absolute horror I feel, as I observe the grievous condition of the United Kingdom.

Never would I have believed, in the very birthplace of the Magna Carta, that the rights written therein, could have been usurped from the people. We in the United States are hearing of a shift, from a free and just society, to an Orwellian police state, where the only apparent crime is “wrong thinking” and mean comments on social media.

We hear of censorship. We hear of an infringement upon the freedom of speech. We hear of a once free and objective press, compared to the likes of a state-run propaganda machine, which covers up, and spreads disinformation regarding the perpetual, heinous crimes, perpetrated on the British people, by hate filled individuals, who seemingly enjoy a curious degree of anonymity.

Someone, please wake me from this nightmare. I cannot bear it anymore!

This is far beyond shameful. This is tyrannical. Quite frankly, it is an embarrassment upon us all, and I say enough is enough. This madness must end, and it must end now.

Is this how it ends for Great Britain, one of the greatest empires the world has ever known? What has happened to the symbol of your great nation, that brave lion, who guards his territory, and protects his pride with his very life? What has happened to the loyalty, valor, and honor, for which the British are so well known, and so often have fought and died?

I saw it in your streets, as tens of thousands of protesters marched in numbers that could have easily filled every seat in Wibley. As I watched this spectacle, I wept with pride, like I have not done since September 11th, 2001, when the Queen had my national anthem played outside of Buckingham Palace, as a sign of solidarity.

By who’s treachery have the British people been betrayed? The people have spoken. Who’s purpose does it serve, to push for a second referendum in regard to Brexit? Who’s purpose does it serve to wait another seven years? It can only serve a despicable, unelected foreign power, who has usurped your sovereignty, and who makes deals in the darkness, without regard to your knowledge, input, or agreement. A foreign power who desperately needs your taxes, and wants to hold you all in its evil clutches until the very end. “Taxation without representation” is a term our peoples know all too well, but now the shoe is on the other foot, and you simply must not allow it.

When a government ignores the well being, and the will of its own constituency, it is illegitimate. Illegitimate governments, should be removed from power. Please, remove yourselves from the power of that illegitimate government, and pluck those infiltrating agents of that illegitimate government, from amongst your ranks.

In times of war, Britain is our brother. In times of peace, Britain is our mother. I beg you, from the bottom of my heart, and the very depths of my soul, do not allow that illegitimate foreign government, to thrust that poisoned blade through my mothers heart. She may be gasping for air, but she hasn’t taken her last breath yet. Please, let my mother live.

These are perhaps the most important and defining times of the entire history of Great Britain. Remember who you are. Remember what you stand for. Do not allow the walls of Mordor to extend around the lands of my forefathers. Do not go silently into that good night.

Remember, blood is thicker than water, and we will always be there for you.

Much love and respect, from The United States of America.